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See How Handfeld Roofing Can Help with Your Hail Damage Insurance Claim

Handfeld Roofing can help make your insurance claim process easy. We advise you to take the following steps:

    • Contact or text Handfeld Roofing at (317) 296-8005 and let us know that you would like help with your claim
    • Call your insurance company to set up a meeting, and let your Handfeld Roofing team know a time to meet them at your home
    • After your claim is approved, the Handfeld Roofing team will create an estimate based on your insurance amount and help you pick out the right materials and color for your roof
    • Lastly, we make sure you are satisfied with the job, and then we will collect the final insurance amount

7 Danger Signs of Hidden Roof Damage

Call us to evaluate your roof and avoid more damage. It’s great to keep a close eye on your roof, but you should also know how to spot problems—

including these 7 key danger signs—before they severely impact your wallet.

    • A leak in the attic. After a strong storm or wind-driven rain, take a look in the attic for signs of leaking.
    • Blistering or peeling of interior or exterior paint.
    • Stains on interior ceilings and walls, including mold or mildew growth. Stains—or worse, mold—can be caused by leaks from outside the house or moisture trapped inside.
    • Exterior decay in sheathing and or siding. Excess moisture can contribute to decay.
    • Missing, cracked, or curled shingles. Dry, cracked, or easily broken shingles have reached the end of their useful life, which means it’s time to invest in a new roof.
    • Dark, dirty-looking areas on your roof. Vegetation, fungus, mold, or algae growth can cause dark stains on your shingles. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need a new roof, but if you do choose to replace your shingles, we recommend ones with StainGuard protection.
    • Excessive energy costs. Inadequate ventilation can drive up your household cooling costs by trapping hot air in the attic. Attic moisture can also drip into your insulation, reducing its effectiveness.

A FREE estimate can save you thousands!
Let Handfeld Roofing handle your exterior needs.

The Handfeld Roofing Team Works with All Sorts of Different Materials for Your Roof Installation. These Include;

The Residential Client

Different roofing materials come with different advantages and disadvantages. Roofing is complicated, so whatever you choose to install will depend on your location, aesthetic, and personal needs. Speak to Handfeld Roofing in order to get help choosing the right material for your building.

The Insurance Claim Process Is EASY Because We Know How to Get It Done.

Let Handfeld Roofing & Restoration Work For You To Simplify the Process And Get You The Most Coverage For Your Loss

Trying to manage an insurance claim adjustment on your own isn't easy. So, why not make it easier by working with the The Handfeld Roofing Team? Handfeld Roofing can help with your insurance claim for hail, wind, tornado, fire and other damage. From the Indianapolis, Indiana and surrounding counties, we can handle all your roofing needs. Call 317-296-8005 today to get more information and a FREE inspection.

Improve the Look and Function of Your Home With an Exterior Refresh, with New Siding and Gutters. Any Location Surrounding the Indy Metro Area.

Do you need exterior painting done? Do you want someone who cares what it will look like and wants to do the best possible job for you? Need some help with your gutters or have a siding issue you would like addressed? Love the look are you interested in a cement, no-maintenance siding like Hardy Plank®? Handfeld Roofing is a company you can trust to get the job done.

Call 317-296-8005 to get your project started.

"Derek found my leaks in 5 minutes!"

-John G.

"Derek got me a free roof valued over $16,000."

-Jim V.


"Gary coordinated with my insurance company and solved my roofing issues."

-Theresa W.


"Gary & Derek saved me $2,600 compared to all other roofing companies."

-David P.


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